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Contractor Safety Supplies Top 5 List

When it comes to a construction job, there’s a long list of tools that must be available at any given time in order for the project to be completed on time. And although gathering the tools of the job that day can be time-consuming it’s extremely imperative that safety equipment be onsite from day 1. No matter how skilled you are as a contractor, how quick the job time line is, safety equipment supplies and practices are a must.

Helpful Contractor Safety Supplies Checklist

Personal Safety Supplies

Every worker should have access to a variety of personal safety supplies. For starters, they’ll need safety glasses, which should be worn at all times. When working with liquids, face shields should be worn, and as always, no matter the task being performed, hard hats are a must. Hand and foot protection should also be used as required. Additionally, bright-colored vests and reflectors are ideal when working on any type of construction project.

Electrical Safety Supplies

All portable electric powered tools & equipment should be used with accompanying GFCIs and all extension cords need to rated for extra hard usage. All electrical panels should be immediately labeled once installed and light bulbs should be properly protected from breakage to ensure labeled panels can be easily read at all times.

Power Tool Safety Supplies

Grinders, whether they be stationary or portable, should have guards in place at all times. The wheel tool rest on a stationary grinder should be 1/8 inch or less, while the wheel tongue guard should be 1/4 inch or less. All grinding activities require the use of safety glasses, gloves and face shields. If any compressed gas cylinders are being kept onsite, they should be stored in a labeled location. Furthermore, all torch units should only be used if they have flash back arrestors. This approach of complete safety applies to all powered tools and equipment.

Ladder Safety

Often overlooked is that all ladders need to be inspected on a daily basis. Both extensions and regular ladders should be at least 3′ taller than their landing sites, and for extremely high access, commercial step stools should be used. When using scaffolding, it is pertinent that guardrails be installed.

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Emergency Safety Supplies

Here’s the emergency go to list for every jobsite, construction site, and every work site. If you’re a worker be sure you know where these are. If you’re a contractor be sure you have these on site for your team. 

  • First aid kits
  • Fire extinguishers (inspected on a monthly basis)
  • One or more workers trained in first aid
  • BBP Kit (bloodborne pathogens)
  • (One or more workers trained in BBP)
  • Eyewash and shower units
  • Evacuation maps (posted at key locations)

Understanding the Importance of Contractor Safety

When undertaking any type of construction project contractors must be well aware that there’re many risks to be endured. To deter accidents, it’s best that they be addressed before a project takes place. Not only do safety measures act as a cost control activity but they also increase the safety of workers, which should be at the top of any construction project priority list. Worst case every contractor knows job site accidents that were preventable cost time, $s, and reputation. 

Not only do safety supplies and measures decrease safety hazards & increase job effectiveness but they also reduce:

  • Employee replacement expenses
  • Damaged products
  • Insurance claims and costs
  • OSHA citations

The most effective way to keep a safe job site & workers safe is by implementing a safety program. Not only does this result in fewer safety hazards, but also puts a company in a position in which it holds a first-rate reputation, ensuring future work and long-term success.

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