It’s Time to Better Prioritize Health and Safety

The Institution of Civil Engineers located in the UK recently received an update from its Construction, Design and Management team. It was pointed out that the construction regulations set in place by the government play a vital role in the health care UK is able to provide. Still yet, not all health care facilities use a principal designer to personally oversee each construction project.

Design Engineers to Oversee Each Health and Safety Task Personally

With the new regulation update, however, principal designers must lead the health and safety tasks involved in any construction undertaking instead of outsourcing them. This optimizes the health and safety of patients during construction, and it also protects the same for construction workers.

Learning Safety from the UK

Health care facilities in the United States will do well to learn from UK’s latest safety regulation update. All construction projects need expert guideance by a professional construction engineer. This engineer should have top-notch delegation capabilities, and most importantly, all hired contractors should employ workers who have had extensive safety training.

While many smaller contracting companies can’t offer formal training programs, they do tend to give cost-saving bids on health care construction projects. Fortunately, it’s still possible to accept these bids while resting assured that the safety and health of patients and workers will be upheld, and it all starts with affordable training. Unlike the UK, in the US outsourcing safety training makes a whole lot of sense. 

  • Outsourced safety training reduces permanent recurring costs to staff and maintain safety standards.
  • Safety training outsourced, from an exterior authority, is more effective versus internal personnel.
  • Records management is only a call aay when you have safety partner in place like Bailey Safety.

Many contractors will be more than willing to comply with your safety training recommendations. After all, with qualified and well-trained workers comes higher levels of productivity, which results in boosted profit levels for the contractors.

Communication is the Key to Safety

Open communication is a necessity for project completion and success. Safety concerns should have a direct pathway to the appropriate entity, which should always be the construction engineer. If your current healthcare construction projects are compromising the safety of patients and/or the workers, it is pertinent to seek services through a safety and training company.

Bailey Safety: Experts in Construction Health and Safety Training

With Bailey Safety, the contractors you choose to hire and their workers can easily be trained according to today’s latest health and safety practices. From complying with all OSHA training standards to developing a Safety Management and Training Plan, Bailey Safety acts as your personal Safety Supervisor.

With 10 percent of construction workers getting injured on the job every year it is paramount that safety and health training be prioritized in the right manner. The most violated OSHA standard in the construction industry is adequate fall protection. And it just so happens that the leading cause of fatality within this industry are falls. As you can see, health and safety training shouldn’t be viewed as a luxury for your workers.  Instead, it should be viewed as an asset. 

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