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Job Success: Training & Subcontractors

Did you know that more than 6 million people in the United States go to work every day on a construction site? Perhaps, this astounding number is one of the primary reasons the construction industry seems to have such a high injury rate and safety is considered a top priority. Here we delve into the pros & cons of using sub-contractors and it’s impact on job safety & productivity.

Job Site Training

From scaffold collapses, electrical shocks, failure to use proper equipment and more, a construction worker is surrounded by hazardous work conditions from the time he walks on site until he ends his day. Tool, equipment & safety training are key components of getting a job done on time and under budget.  Here’s a few resources on finding quality training for your team and subcontractors:

Subcontractor Hiring Tips

If the job calls for tasks that your workers are not trained to perform, you should definitely take advantage of a sub-contractor to get the job done. This may lessen the profit you make from the job, but the work will at least be performed in the safest manner possible. Everyone knows the cost of one accident alone makes the investment in proper safety, equipment, or tool training justified. Here’s a few tips & resources on hiring a good subcontractor and makes for a great to do list if you’re a subcontractor vying for job opportunities:

  • Put the sub-contractor agreement in writing so they’re no misunderstandings.
  • Confirm sub-contractors are insured or you’re left holding the liability.
  • Article from the SBA on hiring sub-contractors here
  • Agree to payment terms, time of work to be completed, and clear scope in writing.
  • Gain personal referrals through vendors, suppliers, or other contractors.

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Fall Training & Trench Hazards

Almost any construction project will require that your workers be up high. Whether it’s 10 feet up in the air or 90, your workers need to understand fall protection strategies. This will not only reduce workers compensation claims, but it also helps speed up project progress. Fall protection training should include the following:

  • Developing a rescue plan
  • Proper way to position body during a fall
  • How to use snap hooks
  • Equipment inspection guidelines
  • Proper use of harness
  • Suspension trauma
  • Fall clearance
  • Proper use of scaffolds, stairs and ladders
  • Swingall hazards

When working on a construction site your team will need to be current on trench and excavation training. With proper education, they will understand the ins-and-outs of thumb tests, proper procedures for using a trench box, worst case scenario practices and more.

You’ll also want your workers to be trained to work within confined spaces. In 2011, within a time span lasting less than nine months, there were 22 fatalities in addition to three worker hospitalizations that were directly related to confined spaces. A training seminar on confined spaces can greatly increase your workers’ safety by teaching them about entry equipment, recognizing a confined space, proper air monitoring and more.

Job Success Takeaway

If you outsource various parts of your projects, this means you’re limiting your profit potentials. Still yet, if safety and proper training are an issue, outsourcing can be of the utmost benefit due to the level of expertise that outsourced professionals can bring to your job site. Do keep in mind, however, that there are several additional cons accompanied with outsourcing including managerial expense, job reliability, quality of work, and even the priority of your job over others they may have.

For job success develop long term subcontractor relationships and in all your dealings consider sacrificing small squabbles for a long term healthy relationship because well, no one’s perfect.


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