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Simple Tips to Job Site Safety That Won’t Break the Budget

Job site safety is more than just complying with regulations, it’s making where we work safe for us, employees, and other workers. Beyond the potential to harm to others is the cost a single incident can run. Follow these safety tips and you might avoid that incident that costs the company $s and loses crucial project time. 

OSHA’s Top 5 Safety  Violations

Before we get to some fixes lets figure out what’re the most common OSHA safety violations. This list is derived from recent OSHA safety statistics from the US Dept of Labor. You can be sure your local inspector will move through these when visiting a job site.

  1. Fall protection
  2. Hazard materials communication
  3. Scaffolding
  4. Respiratory protection
  5. Powered industrial trucks

If you’re looking for more details visit this page on national safety statistics thanks to OSHA. To get more help visit the US Dept of Labor’s OSHA Small Business website.

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Clean Up First & Last

Often a simple visual inspection of hazards before work is started and when the day is done can avoid common sense safety mistakes. Make it a standard for all workers to be responsible for their work area to be free from debris and clutter. Just 5 minutes a day can be the reason to avoid costly mishaps.

A $1 Label Can Be THE Difference

Is there anything worse than another contractor picking up your materials and wondering if it’s their’s? How about warning tape up before the GC makes their way through the job site with the owner? OSHA is looking for hazardous materials mis-labeled and violations cost time and money. You can find all your safety product labeling needs right here in this safety catalog that touts as having the “largest local inventory” so you get what you need and get to the job site. That $1 label could save you $1,000’s and hours on a job. 

Tools Working Right Means Better Job Time for a Safer Job

Many of us can be guilty of not giving those power tools we rely on each day the love they need. Doing a quick fix to give that Ridgid power washer another day might work, but it also might create a safety hazard. Inspect your tools and get them fixed before you get busy or on those off days. Follow these suggestions for great tool repair to get your job done on time without incident.

A Safety Program & Safety Audit

There is no need to try to get your safety program together on your own. Of course, you can hire a full time safety professional but that adds a cost line item your estimate may not have room for. In Bailey Safety’s experience a simple audit can prevent accidents and reduce OSHA fines before they happen. 

We have found contractors that utilize Jobsite Hazard Analysis and conduct Jobsite Audits have fewer accidents and receive fewer and lesser fines from OSHA.”

A safety audit doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Here’s a safety compliance package that starts as low as $299. With the possible savings on workmen’s comp this could be a positive impact on your bottom line while avoiding costly fines and incidents.

Safety Training for the New

So, you won that awesome project and are having to add new workers to your team. Don’t get caught assuming these new employees past safety training meets with your requirements. You’re the one who pays fines and has to deal with the challenges of delayed time lines if safety procedures aren’t followed. 

Safety training needs to be more than watching a few videos but a thorough training that protects you and your company. Bailey offers safety training for most any need you may have. Visit our safety training page here to download a newsletter to stay up on the latest safety news and suggestions.


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