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Snow Storm On the Way? Be Prepared!

The snow & ice just keep coming. Make sure you’ve got a good stock in hand of ice melter on hand to save the day. Whatever your winter & cold weather need is Bailey has the answer. here’s some of our special ‘snowstorm’ sales that will save you $s and keep the job site warm!

Deals on Industrial Snow Ice Melter

This ice melter is a calcium chloride/magnesium blend. A non-salt formula, safer on concrete. Get your ice melted without breaking down those concrete surfaces. Maybe this is the ultimate in snow ice melting? We think so!

snow ice melter sale available

Check Out Kerosene Heaters

Commercial Kerosene heater sale

Stay Warm

Winter hats and kerosene cans sale

Don’t Forget the Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket sale

Snow Storm Sale items

  • Superior Value┬áIndustrial Ice Melt
  • DeWALT Industrial Heaters
  • Safety Kerosene & Diesel Fuel Cans
  • Industrial Extension Cords
  • Thermo Power Grab Gloves

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