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Why Factory Authorized Tool Repair?

It would seem getting your tools repaired could be done by just about anyone. Maybe it’s the friend who just seems to get his tools to work on his own he tells you, or its the shop that’s been around for years that although a little dirty you hear they do okay work. That’s fine if you’ve got time and its for your home. When a job deadline is looming and down tools means lost $s getting factory authorized tool repair may be the secret to contractor success.

Tool Repair Parts

If a tool repair shop is factory authorized there’re certain requirements that must be in place. One of these requirements is parts stocking. Like Ryobi authorized service centers in Louisville or Indianapolis Ryobi wants to make sure the parts on hand are there. Like most manufacturers a factory authorized service center is meant to get you back up and running as quickly as possible by stocking the necessary parts.

Manufacturers do have a suggested list of parts to carry so not every part that is needed for your repair is always going to be there. This is where terms like a reliable, dependable, and solid company comes into play. Make sure your tool repair center choice has the access to get the parts quickly so you’re down as little time as possible.

Tool Repair Expertise

Like many of your competitors a fancy truck with big names on it does not mean quality. The same goes for repair shops. Sure, big manufacturer signs in the shop & being factory authorized signs means they’re supposed to have factory trained repair technicians, but not all do. Before getting a repair done ask if it’ll be done by a factory trained tech. A DEWALT tool is guaranteed tough but even they may need some help getting back to working order after doing the job for a few years. Here’s an excerpt from the DEWALT authorized service center portal to show the importance they and others place on expertise:

“The DEWALT Service Network is unmatched in the industry and includes over 80 factory-owned locations and more than 1000 DEWALT authorized independent repair shops, which has your back when a tool goes down.”

Louisville DEWALT Tool Repair

Tool Warranty

Don’t be fooled by non-factory authorized repair shops concerning warranties. If they’re not authorized they can’t get reimbursed for your warranty repair. This could be one of the biggest reasons to head to a RIDGID tool factory service center and any other factory authorized center, to save money on your repair. Here’s a list of power tool manufacturer warranties to help you check on warranty coverage:

Get Back to Work

You’re not here because you have an above average interest in how power tools get repaired, are you? No, you’re here because you use power tools to get the job done. You’re here because you care about getting back up & running, about spending less, and getting back to meeting job deadlines. At Bailey we’ve got a Louisville tool repair center & Indianapolis tool repair center conveniently located, factory authorized, and with a sizable parts inventory ready to get you back and working, quicker.

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